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Can you believe it’s been THREE YEARS since Alex first left Mud Lake, Idaho and joined the INVISIBLE RECRUITS, upended Bran’s life, blown up half of Paris, been to Hell and back, and summoned a few unintended demons? Now Alex is celebrating her birthday! Want to join her?

Beginning March 16th, 2015 and continuing every Wednesday through September 28th, 2016 I will announce a winner. (Alex likes to celebrate her birthday for as long as possible!)

Each week I will draw a winning name from the list of those who have submitted a picture per the instructions below. One winner per week will receive an autographed “I Love Alex Noziak” sticker (Franco is helping choose something Alex appropriate) along with other fun Alex memorabilia.

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A tempting mission could reveal Kelly’s dark past… or get her killed.

Invisible Recruit Agent and former kindergarten teacher Kelly McAllister is suspicious. Still banged up from her last harrowing mission, she receives a gift-wrapped assignment that could finally tell her who she is. But it wouldn’t be an IR mission without strings attached.

As if it wasn’t enough to involve an unpredictable Fae mentor with his own agenda, sexy and infuriating ex-lover Van Noziak has been appointed her bodyguard. When the mission pits Kelly against an angry demon an his minions, she’s faced with a choice: accept the dark side of her birthright or lose a slim chance for humanity’s survival. No matter the choice, Kelly’s chances of survival seem to drop with every passing day.

Invisible Embrace is the third book in the Kelly McAllister paranormal romantic suspense series. If you like fast-paced adventure, engaging urban fantasy, terrifying demons, sexy shifters, and dark supernatural forces, then you’ll love the latest installment in this page-turning series.

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So now it’s bedtime and I’m too scared to close my eyes! and it’s all your fault! Kelly has become such a complex character: soft and hard, human and demon; cuddly and scary, a leader but still insecure. Can’t wait to see her interact with the IR’s again now that she’s come into her own. ~ Tiger W

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Writing Active Hooks Book 2

Evocative Description, Character, Dialogue, Foreshadowing and Where to Use Hooks

Extend your understanding of Hooks and how to use them throughout your story.

Now available.

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Alex Noziak returns with a new Novel

Alex Noziak is back…and everything is going to hell! What else did you expect? Join Alex and her teammates on an impossible rescue mission to the Underworld!

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“Buckham takes us on a fast-paced and intense journey into the depths of the underworld. A wry sense of humor, deep character connections, and a lot of fun drive the story with Alex Noziak at the helm. If you haven’t read this series, do it now!” ~ Liz Schulte, author of the Guardian Trilogy, The Easy Bake Coven series and the Jinn Trilogy

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The Second Kelly McAllister Novel

Kelly McAllister has a chance to uncover her true identity but only if she manages to shield a secret that threatens to destroy her IR team. On a new assignment she and sexy shifter Van Noziak are at cross purposes when Kelly becomes the unwitting protector of a teenage Seer that Noziak has been ordered to capture. Now Kelly faces a choice of protecting Van or stopping a powerful predator determined to manipulate a Seer with the ability to destroy the world.

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MaryBuckham_WritingActiveHooksBook1_150Writing Active Hooks Book 1

Now available!

Hooks help guide your reader deeper and deeper into your book. They are road signs that intentionally entice and direct readers to turn the page and keep reading. But it doesn’t stop there.
Are you using hooks to power up YOUR story? Discover how to put this critical element to work to make your book more compelling. Find out more. . .

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The updated edition of BREAK INTO FICTION: 11 STEPS TO BUILDING A POWERFUL STORY is now available

Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (write by the seat of your pants), Break Into Fiction® is the book that will help you find the weak spots (sagging middles, unlikeable characters, slow pacing and more) in your fiction stories. Editing is key to any story, but it starts with the author. Writing fast means nothing if the final story isn’t sound. But the sooner you grasp the power points for a story, the faster you’ll be able to build a strong backlist. Now you have a way to improve your writing one easy step at a time.

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