Story telling is part of who we are.

It’s part of who I am, and that’s why I’m just like you. Yup. Right there, always looking for those incremental changes in understanding and applying the craft of writing. Passionate about what I do. Just like you!

Welcome. This is a place where you’ll be understood. A place where you can learn the small tweaks and large ah-ha elements of writing craft. The skills I’ll teach you here will last with you a lifetime. And you know what? Those skills go WAY beyond what you’re writing today. Stick around awhile, and you’ll see. In fact, register for a class right now, and then you’ll see how YOUR writing can change!

My Writing History. I started writing when I hit bottom. My youngest son died of SIDS when he was barely two months old and I had to find meaning in life—a way to keep going and to care for my other children. That meaning was, become a writer—a storyteller. My promise to my son, who never had a chance to follow his gifts, was to follow my own. For him.

My Publishing History. I’d like to say becoming traditionally published was easy and quick. It wasn’t. It was a long hard slog, but I kept at it. The one thing that separates those who want to be published from those who are is the determination to succeed. While I honed my first book, I became a Contributing and then Senior Editor of a regional magazine. When I received that one YES needed to break into publishing. I found myself sharing what I’d learned with others, so their writing journey might be less bumpy. I became co-founder of; co-author of a plotting book, Break Into Fiction® with NYT author Dianna Love, and a sought after online and live writing craft instructor. Now I have co-authored one Young Adult series, am in the midst of two Urban Fantasy series and am the author of the Writing Active craft books—Writing Active Settings and Writing Active Hooks.

What I Think. I believe in the power of story telling. I think being called to write is a gift not given to everyone and is worthy of celebration. I am humbled that I’ve had the chance to travel, to teach and to meet so many amazing writers who are committed to their craft. I believe that we are, each of us, placed here on earth for a purpose. My son showed me the door to mine and I’m here to help YOU get closer to YOURS!

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