Hooks online Workshops


  • November 15th, 2014(intro)
  • January 3rd, 2015 (intro)
  • January 17th, 2015 (advanced)

Writing is more than words strung together on the page. Why not make your words work harder? Whether you’re an aspiring short story writer, novelist or even just an avid reader, you can turn your love for words into powerful prose by understanding what hooks are and how they work on the page. Learn how to create compelling hooks, and where to use them, through this online workshop.

Story tellers need to understand and embrace elements of their craft—characterization, plotting, point of view, dialogue and more—but if you’re not hearing—“I couldn’t put it down”—what you may be missing is a comprehensive understanding of the power of hooks.

Mary Buckham, USA Today Bestselling Author, will disect the first page submitted by seven lucky writers, writing in a variety of genres, to show everyone how to analyze their own work, where to power up hooks on the page, and ways to improve that key first page for readers.


  • ▪ Learn the 5 most powerful hooks and where they matter on the page
  • ▪ Generate your own engaging opening page hooks
  • ▪ Understand why your first page hooks work or not
  • ▪ Learn how to write and revise your opening sentence until it compels readers to keep reading
  • ▪ Create a killer first sentence for your story
  • ▪ Discover how to find out YOUR most powerful hooks for what you’re writing