Invisible Embrace

The Third Kelly McAllister Novel

Invis cover


A tempting mission could reveal Kelly’s dark past… or get her killed.

Invisible Recruit Agent and former kindergarten teacher Kelly McAllister is suspicious. Still banged up from her last harrowing mission, she receives a gift-wrapped assignment that could finally tell her who she is. But it wouldn’t be an IR mission without strings attached.

As if it wasn’t enough to involve an unpredictable Fae mentor with his own agenda, sexy and infuriating ex-lover Van Noziak has been appointed her bodyguard. When the mission pits Kelly against an angry demon an his minions, she’s faced with a choice: accept the dark side of her birthright or lose a slim chance for humanity’s survival. No matter the choice, Kelly’s chances of survival seem to drop with every passing day.

Invisible Embrace is the third book in the Kelly McAllister paranormal romantic suspense series. If you like fast-paced adventure, engaging urban fantasy, terrifying demons, sexy shifters, and dark supernatural forces, then you’ll love the latest installment in this page-turning series.

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You’re going to want to read this one – take my word for it! No spoilers, but ….. it’s a nail biter. ~ Tiger W.