InvisibleFears_150“Riveting Fast-paced Jungle Adventure
This exciting story navigates you through plot twists to an unexpected ending and will leave you breathless with it’s rapid pace. I had to read Kelly’s captivating adventure in one sitting. Bullets flying, survival, revenge, self-doubt, betrayal, shifters, pregonizants and wild animals on a mission quest do not deter the lovely Kelly McAllister from self discovery or keep her from thinking of a sexy man.!” ~~ Claudia

“Ex-kindergarten teacher and current IR team member Kelly McAllister heads her first team assignment – but not without an ulterior motive. Determined to fulfill her assignment, and her own goals, Kelly leads an injury-decimated team to Africa in search of a rare Orchid. Lions, snakes and alligators are not the only perils in her way — she’ll also have to contend with weres, demons, and other preternaturals. Urban fantasy at its best! Don’t let the “good girl” exterior fool you: Kelly kicks …well, you know.” ~~ Antonia

“Mary Buckham’s explosive new INVISIBLE RECRUIT series packs deep emotions and high adventure in a dynamic Urban Fantasy world.” ~~NYT bestseller Dianna Love

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