Happy Thursday!

If you’ve been searching for that last step to make your story into one that readers just can’t put down, that they stay up all night to finish, hooks can get you there.

I’ve been busy getting the final lectures in place for the online Hooks course. If you haven’t visited the classroom for a while, I’ve consolidated all of the individual Hooks modules into one full course, Mastering the 10 Universal Hooks.

You have a great plot and wonderful characters. Adding compelling hooks at the right places can make your story compelling to readers, including editors and agents.

The full course goes public Sunday at midnight and the cost will go up to the regular price. When it does, I will include a monthly payment option to make it easier to invest in mastering this important element of your craft.

But I know you’ve been working hard on your craft and I think that it ‘s only fair to give any of you thinking of moving up to the full course the same opportunity now, at the pre-launch price.

So, through this Sunday at midnight Pacific Time, you can get the full course at either a one-time payment of $197 or 12 monthly payments of just $17.99.

Ready to master all 10 of the Most Universal Hooks? Head over to the classroom – http://mary-buckham3.usefedora.com and take advantage before Sunday!

Don’t forget that I will be announcing the winner of the Mastering the 10 Universal Hooks contest on Sunday. Be sure to look for it, and if you didn’t win, you can still get a great deal on the course this weekend!

Thanks and happy hooking,

~Mary B

P.S. The Spring Port Townsend Workshop was such a wonderful event, I’ve decided to do a live Power Plotting workshop here in Port Townsend in September! If you couldn’t make then, grab a spot right away. The workshop will fill up fast like last time. You can check it out on my website: http://marybuckham.com/live-events-2016/

I am also setting up a six-week, live, on-line Power Plotting webinar for October and I will be getting more information out shortly, so keep an eye out! It will be two sessions per week over the six weeks with lectures and plenty of Q&A time too!