Mary’s November newsletter

A Thank You Celebration!!

Happy early Thanksgiving! I love this time of year as a conscious opportunity to reflect on what an amazing and bountiful year it’s been. One of the things I’m so thankful for is YOUR presence in my life. Due to your support and connection I’ve been able to write and share both fiction and non-fiction work in so many ways.

I’m so appreciative that I’ve decided to celebrate and have a contest just for my newspaper subscribers.

I’m going to give away 25 free online Hook classes.

Want in? There are three simple steps to entering. Just:

  1. Send me a sentence opening a story, or ending a chapter, that hooked you in a way that you HAD to keep reading. Any kind of story!
  2. Tell me who wrote the sentence, where it came from and where in a story it was located. EX:  When all is said and done, killing my mother came easily.—Alice Sebold —The Almost Moon (opening sentence)
  3. Send your name, and your entry sentence(s) to (with Hook in the subject line) to be entered into the drawing.

I’ll announce the winners in an email to you directly and on my Facebook page:Mary Buckham Fan Page on Nov. 30th, after Thanksgiving is over and all the leftovers are gone. Easy peasy!
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Speaking of Thanksgiving my middle son and his wife, the professional chef are coming for the day, so with my husband the cook and daughter-in-law I’m really looking forward to dinner and the leftovers! Hope you have a lovely day, too!

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For those who are writers I have some fun news on the online courses I’m building to share what I’ve learned over the years. The first 3 out of 11 classes are up and running, and more are coming as soon as I write, edit, review, have beta listeners review and edit some more. (yes, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to create each course)

Because each segment is about 30-45 minutes long, with 30 plus pages of material to share, they are taking longer than I’d originally anticipated to fine tune. That’s actually good news for you!! Until all 11 classes are live the prices are discounted. Which means you can save (a lot!). You can buy ala carte (single classes), in bundles, or the whole shebang. At the discount price and, when your class becomes available you’ll be notified.

The discount goes away when the 11th class goes live so grab what you want now!


When it’s all done, there will be a complete set of classes, each focusing on one of the 10 most Universal Hooks, plus a class on Key Locations for hooks.  I’m making each of them available as they are completed in a pre-launch, at a great price for all of you early adopters. As I get them done I am also grouping them in multi-class bundles for better savings. And I’m looking for feedbackfrom all of you. Try out a class or the bundle of the first three classes all together, then let me know what you like, what I can polish (actually, what my designer/production guy can polish. Good thing he likes me, I think—at least, I hope!)

When all eleven of the classes are completed and polished I will do the formal launch but right now it’s time to share and hear form everyone.

Check out all of the classes and class bundles: MaryBuckhamOnWriting


The first big winter storm just ended here and thankfully, I’m done traveling for a while. I do love getting to visit fellow writers all over the country, but I’m glad to be settling in for some serious work for a while. Since I won’t be out doing workshops for a bit, I added two new modules to the online classroom to share.

The first is a one-page review (one page only) of your work .
In this review, I will analyze your Hooks (vital if it’s your first page), Set-up and Pacing. This is a professional critical read-through and assessment of your manuscript’s opening page strengths, weaknesses, and needed changes (with a primary focus on hooks) communicated through a detailed written evaluation.

The second module is a one-page review plus a 20-minute call to discuss the page.
In this review, I will analyze your Opening Hooks, Setup and Pacing. This is a professional critical read-through and assessment of your manuscript’s opening page strengths, weaknesses, and needed changes communicated through a detailed writen evaluation in addition to a 20-minute phone discussion [US phone numbers only] or 20 minute SKYPE session (available worldwide).

Want more info?  Click the link is below to my online classroom (scroll down-the Evaluation Modules are at the bottom of the list of classes). But if you are interested, get in quick. I can only do a few of these each month so it is the old first-come-first-served gets the spot.
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Two other projects I’m involved in that I really want to share with you. First:

TAILS OF THE APOCALYPSE:  14 incredible tales of nobility, self-sacrifice, and unconditional love as told by today’s most talented independent writers, including four USA Today bestselling writers.

***$1.00 from every book sold will go to Pets for Vets, Inc. (, which pairs shelter animals with military veterans needing companionship***

TAILS OF THE APOCALYPSE anthology releases on November 20th and you can pre-order here ONLY at Amazon:


Or join the Thunderclap Campaign here:

Launchparty here:

Remember, $1.00 from every book sold will go to Pets for Vets, Inc this supports a wonderful cause!


Alphas with Betrayal cover

For those who love the Alex Noziak series here’s an opportunity to learn more about Jaylene’s story. Plus, for those who love hot and sexy here are 21 brand, sparkly new and steamingly sexy novellas that will make you smile. And for those who want an easy, very affordable gift for the voracious reader in your family—here you are!

Invisible Betrayal: Invisible Recruits Novella

Street savvy Jaylene Smart is spending her DC holiday on a snatch and grab assignment to terminate a threat, but it beats sitting alone in an empty hotel room. Her target is way-out-of-her-league-powerful Herm Kane and stealing from him sends her, for the first time, into the dangerous underworld of preternaturals she never knew existed.  Surviving will depend on teaming up with the same sexy Herm Kane, the man she just betrayed.

GRAB YOUR COPY OF ALPHAS UNWRAPPED early. Best 99¢ you’ll spend!!!!!
Amazon UK:


Again thank you for being part of my world. May your upcoming holidays be bright and blessed and may our paths cross in the upcoming year!! ~ Mary B ☺