Join Me in February and Power Up YOUR Plots!

It’s easy! Save over $125 right now! Just pick either one simple payment or 12 monthly payments and grab your Seat! The choice is yours!

Your registration also includes a One-on-One session with Mary (Skype or phone call) to review YOUR plot!

NOTE: If you have never attended a live Power Plotting Workshop with Mary before we strongly recommend that you wait until the end of the webinar to schedule your one-on-one session. You will want to apply the lessons from the webinar to your plot before your session with Mary!




12 payments of $38

I’m looking forward to working with you starting February 18th, 2017!

What to Expect

Six intense, 90 minute sessions on Saturdays, starting on February 18th.

Six Q&A sessions on Tuesday evenings, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific.

A downloadable set of templates to help you put the lessons to work right away in your own stories!

A One-on-One session with Mary (Skype or phone call) to focus on YOUR story!

This workshop is tailor-made for writers who are serious about getting and staying published, as well as improving their understanding of what plotting means.

Come prepared to work hard! The workshop will be very focused and intense, but also exhilarating.

Imagine being able to craft high-quality, consistently hard-working plots, in less time. That means less time on second-guessing yourself and more time doing what you love: writing.

See what attendees are saying about what they gained from previous Power Plotting Workshops:

As a published author I need to plot stories quickly and efficiently. The Break into Fiction program not only helps me outline my books before I start writing, but also gives me resources to turn to when I get stuck in the dreaded middle. Finally, I have the tools I need to push through episodes of writer’s block. I recommend Break into Fiction for published and unpublished authors who want to write page-turning, character- and conflict-driven stories.

~~ Melinda Leigh, multi-published RS author

I want to thank you for the dedication and quality that you put into this workshop/retreat. As a beginner writer, I really appreciate that you embraced those at my level as well as more experienced writers. After only 2 hours on the first day, my writing colleague and friend thanked me heartily for encouraging her to attend the workshop. I will sing your praises and direct my other writing colleagues to your retreat.

~~ Elaine Gray, pre-published writer

I did, indeed, plot a novel in two days. I didn’t really believe that would happen.

~~ Kaye George multi-published Mystery author

I used to think I was good at plotting — but this past (retreat) weekend made me realize I’ve been guilty of a more complicated version of the ‘one damned thing after another’ plot. I’m stunned at how well an entire story arc came together in just two days. I’m eager, now, to apply the templates to the books I’ve been revising for — mm — ever, I think. I suspect I’ll discover I’ve been revising the wrong bits for the wrong reasons all this time.

~~ Marcella Burnard, multi-published Sci-Fi/Fantasy author

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